(Chillon Castle, Switzerland: late 1970s)

C.E. Chambers, a pseudonym, is a freelance journalist who lived in Hawai’i for 12 years.  She has also lived in Norway and Iran.

This website was opened to the public in April 2011.  It contains many of C.E. Chambers’ articles and film critiques featured over the years in print publications, and more will be added.  She began publishing new material online, including film critiques and narratives (“A Conversation with the Secret Service,” “Hollywood or Hollyweird: An Insider’s Perspective,” etc.).

C.E. Chambers added CAPSULE FILM CRITIQUES 2011 in August.  In September, “My Seatmate Speaketh” became a new feature.  Mr. Seatmate is a budding film critic whose pithy observations are a much-needed addition to this website.  (Film critiques were suspended for a few years; they will be added again as of summer 2015.)

C.E. Chambers was first published in 1977 in Tehran, Iran (under her married name) where she lived for almost three years.  During the ensuing years, she worked at various occupations, including as an editor and ghostwriter for small publications.  Prior to moving to Hawai’i in October 2000, she worked as a film critic for the Journal Newspapers Movie Edition (Lynnwood, WA) that was published weekly, and as an interviewer for the monthly Journal Newspapers.  Both newspapers were circulated in Seattle (University area, Shoreline, Northgate and North Seattle) and other cities.  (The Journal Newspapers is no longer in existence; C.E. Chambers has hard copies of her work.)

Since 2001, C.E. Chambers’ narratives were featured in print publications on the Big Island of Hawai’i as well as on Oahu (including her photographs), and also the mainland U.S.  In May and June 2011, two of her most popular narratives (including “Heroes In Our Backyard”) were republished by the Norwegian American Weekly which has print subscribers in many different countries.  (One narrative had been reworked and new material added since first being published in 2003.  See “Margit’s Secret Cave: Hiding POWs in Dryna, Norway”.) featured these true stories in May and August 2011.

When C.E. Chambers has time, she works on three books she hopes to publish.  One, begun in the early 1990s, is an in-depth study of Bible verses about women from the original Hebrew and Greek languages.  As Spiros Zodhiates, a well-known authority on the Greek New Testament, stated:  “It is because of the mistranslation  of [certain passages in the Bible] that the Christian world has had so much difficulty in understanding the proper position of a woman in the Christian church.”

Regarding the other two books that C.E.C. is working on, she believes in an old adage:  “When you give away your trade secret, you give away your trade.”

(Print publishers of C.E. Chambers’ older material are credited after the articles, film critiques, etc.   All material posted at, including the header photo and other photos, is the property of C.E. Chambers except where noted.  If you quote her work, please include her byline and a link to this website.)


  1. So nice to find your blog and read some of your writings. I look forward to reading more. Keep writing!

    • Mahalo! Thank you for checking it out! You can always subscribe (it’s free) to receive notice of new posts when they occur.

      C.E.C. 🙂

  2. you are dong a great job , Hug

  3. Hi Chilon, I’m the youngest daughter of Margit Varnes (Margit’s secret cave story). I met you last year at her apt in Ballard during the 17th of May parade. I just love the story you wrote about her, my dad Jonas and ther French men during the second world war. You are a great writer.
    I want mention also that the picture (photo 4) the opening to Drynahellaren (The Dryna Cave) is me standing there in front of the cave… My mom probably couldn’t tell becouse my face was so white…lol, but it’s me her daughter … Asbjorg (Ausie for short) the baby of the family. I was hoping you could correct the wording if possible. It currently states that it’s one of margit’s relatives haha!!. I can provide more pictures of us for you if you wish to add more to the story. Thanks so much and keep up the good work!! Love it

    • Tusen takk! I had a wonderful time seeing Margit again and meeting all of you on May 17. I would love to have more photos. Margit’s story continues to attract many readers from around the world (as does the story about Knut and Haldis Einarsen). Thanks for the heads up on photo 4: The mystery has been solved! I’ll add your name. En stor klem til alle.

  4. Hello, I love your articles, I used to know Frosty Fowler quite well and am wondering how to contact him. Any suggestions?

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